Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

We may be a couple of months into the year already, but there are still a heap of 2019 releases I’m excited for! Tell me what you’re hoping to read this year?

Shades of Magic Vol. 1: The Steel Prince by V.E. Schwab

Release date: March 6th

Now I’m not generally into comic books, though I do appreciate the artwork, but I absolutely adore V.E. Schwab. After reading her Villains series, she instantly became one of my favourite authors, and at this point I’m willing to read anything she’s written. This release is set in the world of A Darker Shade of Magic (though it’s a prequel, so I’m guessing you don’t have to have read the series to understand it? Let me know if I’m wrong about this!) and focuses on Rhy Maresh’s father, Maxim. Now, Maxim didn’t get terribly much page time in ADSOM, but from what we did seem of him, I was intrigued. He always seemed like much more of a warrior type that sweet cinnamon roll Rhy, and I can’t wait to read about his adventures!

Sherwood by Megan Spooner

Release date: March 19th

A Robin Hood retelling in which Maid Marion is a badass vigilante? Count me in! Fairy tales and girl power are two of my favourite things, so I found myself instantly drawn to Sherwood. Plus I loved Hunted, Spooner’s Beauty and the Beast retelling.

The Red Scrolls of Magic (The Eldest Curses #1) by Cassandra Clare

Release date: April 9th

Some may say that Clare has drawn out the Shadowhunters saga for far too long . . . but I’ve read 13 books set in the universe so far, and I still can’t get enough. This new series focuses on one of the most loved couples from The Mortal Instruments; Magnus and Alec, AKA Malec, AKA the most adorable ship to ever grace our television screens and pages. To be honest, I know literally nothing about the plot of this series. I think it’s set before The Dark Artifices, but I’m not even 100% sure about that. All I needed to hear before hitting that pre-order button was the phrase “Malec novel”.

DEV1AT3 (Lifelike #2) by Jay Kristoff

Release date: May (exact date unknown)

DEV1AT3 is the sequel to 2018’s LIFEL1K3, a dystopian fantasy about misfits and androids. The first book finished with a whole heap of plot twists and surprises, so naturally, I can’t wait to find out what happens to Eve, Lemon Fresh and the rest of the gang.

Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle #1) by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman 

Release date: May 7th

A gorgeous cover, the promise of anti-heroes, and two insanely talented Aussie authors? How could I resist?! Like a lot of YA fans, I loved The Illuminae Files, so I’m keen so see what magic Kristoff and Kaufman can create in their second series together.

These Witches Don’t Burn (These Witches Don’t Burn #1) by Isabel Stirling

Release date: May 28th

This is another book that I don’t really know a lot about. But to be honest, I’ll read anything about witches, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc. . . I’m not sure why, exactly, I’ve just always been fascinated with them. From what I can gather, this book is the first in a new series about a teen witch who’s out to protect her coven while keeping her magic a secret. It also seems to be pretty LGBTI+ friendly and features a f/f relationship.

Darkdawn (The Nevernight Chronicle #3) by Jay Kristoff

Release date: September 3rd

Oh, Mister Kristoff, you sure are having a busy year. In case y’all can’t tell from the fact that this is the THIRD Jay Kristoff release I’ve included on this list, I am indeed, a huge fan of the author. I love his penchant for writing morally grey characters, badass women and dark plots. He’s also Perth born, like me! Up until reading Nevernight, there weren’t any Perth authors I genuinely loved, so discovering a local (well, kinda local, I believe he lives in Melbourne now) legend like Kristoff was a great find. I’ve read quite a few of his books now, and though I loved them all, Nevernight is still the one I enjoyed the most. The heroine of The Nevernight Chronicle, Mia Corvere, is one of my absolute favourite characters. She’s beautiful, fierce, intelligent, and above all, dangerous. I can’t wait to see what she gets up to in this final instalment of the series!

Wayward Son (Simon Snow #2) by Rainbow Rowell

Release date: September 24th

Have you guys read Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell? If not, you need to get on that ASAP, those books are both brilliant, adorable and hilarious. Once you read them, you will meet, and become infatuated with Simon and Baz. They’re kind of like Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, except they’re madly in love and one of them is a vampire. Wayward Son continues their story.

Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1) by Cassandra Clare

Release date: November 19th

Yep, another Shadowhunters novel! This one is set in Edwardian London and focuses on James and Lucie Herondale, children of Tessa and Will, the heroes from The Infernal Devices. I really loved the London Institute as a setting and I’m excited to read more about the Carstairs, Blackthorns, and of course, Herondales.

Are you planning to read any of these books in 2019? And are there any other releases you’re looking forward to? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

  1. Aurora Rising is definitely a must read! Once & Future is another I’m dying to get my hands on as well as The Princess and the Fangirl. πŸ™‚ for lesser known books or lesser hyped at the moment, The Pioneer by Bridget Tyler, Hot Dog Girl (NO, REALLY), Sorcery of Thorns and later in the year (curse the post I saw talking about awesome books in the latter half of 2019), I’m keen for The Babysitters Coven and A Treason of Thorns!


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